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One-Of-A-Kind Hospital Center in Haiti

Located in Hinche, Haiti, the hospital offers a warm environment that fosters innovation, strives for excellence, nurtures respect for others, and ensures accountability in delivering much-needed health care to its patients.


Comprehensive Care

The hospital aims to provide convenient, affordable healthcare to local residents in Hinche as well as to the broader Haitian community. Our outstanding and well-equipped medical facilities will allow us to excel at what we do, and become one of the most well-known hospitals in Haiti.


The Support Needed

Since construction began in 2017, the founder, board members, and local community have worked tirelessly toward opening the hospital doors for operation. While at 90 percent completion,  with your partnership and contributions, we can complete the construction of this one-of-a-kind hospital that would provided much-needed comprehensive care to the Haitian community as a whole and ensure its operation for years to come.


Laboratory Services

The hospital is equipped to offer a range of laboratory services including blood tests, immunology tests, drug monitoring, viral studies, body fluid analyses and other tests with a wide range of sub-specialty areas.


Laboratory Services

Our laboratories perform a wide range of routine and special hematology, urinalysis and coagulation testing.


General Dentistry Services

As part of our commitment to providing holistic medical care, the hospital provides general dentistry services to meet each patient's oral health needs.


Conference Rooms

As a teaching hospital, we have state-of-the-art conference rooms to convene and discuss medical cases.

The Hospital: Our Facilities
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